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Mobile Games Development

One of the main goals of our company is to enrich your life with original and unforgettable gaming experiences by developing our own mobile games.

PC Games Development

We always strive to develop and gain new knowledge and experience. That is why our team launched the direction of developing PC games, the first of which will be the Corsairs Legacy franchise.

AR/VR Applications Development

We provide customized AR and VR solutions for your business needs. With the help of advanced technologies, we strive to provide exceptional quality and satisfaction with our AR and VR services.

Mobile Applications Development

Websites Development

Mobile Games
PC Games Development
AR/VR Applications
Mobile Applications

We work in two directions


The lion's share of our current projects is our products: mobile and PC games. We are inspired to enrich your life with original and unforgettable gaming experiences.


Our team provides individual solutions to each client. After an in-depth analysis of the problems, we offer several scenarios for developing software products. We carry out all work on a turnkey basis.

Our projects

Save the Pirate! Make choices!

A game where the user has to make choices to save the pirate.


The app for shopping for Staff Clothes products - the #1 youth clothing brand in Ukraine.

Corsairs Legacy

A single-player RPG computer game about pirates in the action-adventure genre.


A service that recommends movies and TV series based on user preferences.


Quiz about movies, series and cartoons with Idle game elements.

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