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      An application that brings together people who want
      to learn how to trade in the cryptocurrency market.

CreditUP is an application that allows you to get money for a card of any bank in Ukraine. The high speed of decision making on the issue of a loan for a few minutes allows the user, without leaving home, to borrow the necessary amount without collateral and income certificate.

Main features:

  • availability of a loan calculator;
  • accelerated decision-making process: after completing the questionnaire - no more than 3 minutes;
  • issuing an online loan to a card of any bank in Ukraine;
  • automated decision-making process for granting a loan without human participation;
  • possibility to extend the term of using the loan as many times as possible through the application;
  • the ability to use a mobile or email number as an identifier in the system;
  • the ability to repay a loan from your bank card online using the application.
The project activity
  • Consultation
  • Development of technical task

  • Design
  • Development a mobile applications for iOS and Android

  • Development of documentation API
  • Project geography
  • Kyiv
  • Ukraine, Kyiv
  • Creation year
  • 2016

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