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      GST Cloud

      The first cloud service for accounting of security seals

Project Description: GST Cloud is software for automated accounting of security seals. The system captures the complete history of sealing objects with photographs, responsible for sealing employees and notifies you of the need for repolping.

For fixing, it's enough to put the application to yourself and your employees on the phone, and at the time of installing the seal make photographs of the sealing. The system records where the seal was installed, by whom and the term of its validity.

All data is stored in a single database with a full history of sealing, which is displayed by the list or on the map. To view statistics and complete information about its sealing facilities, the company's office is available on the GST Cloud website.

The project activity
  • Concept and design development;

  • Development of a mobile application for iOS and Android platforms;

  • Site development;

  • Development of the company's personal cabinet;

  • Publishing to the App Store and Google Play;

  • Promotion.
  • Geography project
  • Ukraine
  • Kiev, Odessa
  • Creation year
  • 2018
  • Project page
  • gstcloud.pro
  • Project in social networks
  • Main features of the GST Cloud application

  • Cloud storage
  • Encryption of data
  • Flexible access to the database of objects
  • Adding Objects
  • Installation and accounting of seals
  • Change the status of the seals
  • Seal number recognition
  • Access to event history
  • GPS tracking
  • GST Cloud it`s conveniently

    The software complex consists of two modules: a mobile application for employees and a personal cabinet of the company for the administrator. In the personal cabinet you can set personal tasks for employees and monitor their implementation. All assigned tasks are displayed to the employee directly in the application. The employee can add a new object to the database by himself.

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